About Us

Board Of Directors

John Sirmon

Jonathan Bolles

With your generosity we are able to give back to the local football community. Here are a few examples of how your support goes to work.

  • 2018 Sponsored "summer kick-off" athletic training. Over 100 student/athletes across all sports participated
  • Annual team building football camp (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
  • Annual training for coaches within our school district programs
  • Youth Flag Football League
  • Summer Youth Football Camp
  • Apple Blossom Youth Day
  • Uniform purchases for local schools
  • Football and equipment donations to middle and high school
  • Shoulder pads and girdle purchases for local schools
  • High school team trainer
  • High school team nutrition d

Our Mission:

To support the positive development of student/athletes by providing resources and opportunities through the regional football community.


We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of student/ athletes in Wenatchee and central Washington by proving opportunities and resources to learn the value of teamwork, dedication, competition, and sacrifice. We support the healthy, positive growth of young people in our valley through football and youth sports.

The How:

Through summer football youth camp, fall flag football league, middle and high school equipment donations, coaches training, financial support to high school team camps, and organized high school team athletic training.

The “Club”:

No membership dues and nothing taken away from local booster clubs. Multiple fundraisers like our Golf Tournament with auction/raffle, Football Alumni Events, youth football events, and more.

To support our student/ athletes and have a successful WHS football program we must provide the resources and opportunities our coaches and players need to compete at the highest level of competition. Nearly every successful program (not just football) has a dedicated and active nonprofit booster club that follows this same basic blueprint.

Build Foundation

  • Build/increase feeder programs size: Wenatchee Youth Football, WSD middle schools
  • Involve/Invite players & coaches from feeder programs
  • coaching clinics, best drills, practice planning
  • invite kids/coaches to game


  • Build a budget through fundraising events.
  • “Wenatchee Valley Football Club”, 501c3
  • Mission: Grow/strengthen football in Wenatchee
  • Play out of state opponents.
  • Pay stipends for athletic trainer/ & conditioning coach
  • Money for all feeder programs & WHS
  • *No entry fees, no dues, no competition w/ WHS Booster.