It is the objective of this scholarship to create an ongoing award presented annually for a senior member of the Wenatchee High School football team.

The intent of this special award is to recognize a player whose contributions go beyond the football field, a player that most clearly exemplifies the following three priorities: One should strive to be the best citizen in his community, the best student, and the best football player, in that order.

The award will be decided on by the current coaching staff and Wenatchee Football Club Board of Directors.

The award is for $1000 to be used at their post secondary training (college or trade school). Award distribution will go to the school to directly to pay for tuition, books, or other expenses paid to the institution.

Application Due 1st week of May - Click Here to Apply (closed until spring 2018)

2017 - Rowan Parmenter

2016 - Michael Buehn and William Thompson